Top Tips to prevent fraud

05 DECEMBER 2017


Top 3 Tips – In-store Applications

#1. Be wary of applicants who don’t appear to be overly concerned about the specification or cost of the goods or purchase multiples of the same goods. Is the sale too easy?

#2. Does the applicant seem in a hurry to take the goods there and then. Are they happy to take an alternative item with little consideration? This can be an indicator of fraud.

#3. Request original photo ID documentation as part of your in store application checks and attach this to the application. Does the document show any obvious signs of forgery? Does the name match the deposit payment card and the application name?

If you suspect that an ID or application may be fraudulent, don’t put yourself, your colleagues or other customers at risk. Inform the applicant that the finance company has referred the application and proceed to cancel the application in the system

Top 3 Tips – Online Applications

#1. Be wary of applicants who ask lots of questions around the delivery process and courier or makes contact  on the day of delivery asking what time the goods are due to be delivered. It may be a fraudster trying to intercept the delivery.

#2. Check recent order records to see if there are any unusual or unexpected spikes in applications  over a short period of time – particularly if you see lots of unusual activity from a common geographic area or using common details.

#3. Ensure that goods are delivered to the address of the credit agreement. Fraudsters will often try to find ways to send the goods to an alternative address or redirect the delivery from its intended destination.

If you suspect that an application may be fraudulent or you notice any unusual spikes in activity, don’t despatch the goods until you are comfortable to proceed. Use the Email Underwriter option in the Application System to highlight your concerns to us.

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